What we offer


Your initial assessment will be offered in your own home.  The assessment will last about an hour, during which we will discuss your needs,  assess your capabilities and discuss what you aim to get from physiotherapy. During the assessment we will:

  • discuss your full medical history and medications
  • discuss what you aim to get from the physiotherapy sessions
  • discuss your main problems
  • look in detail at your movement focusing on specific areas such as balance, posture, walking and weakness. 

Having gone through this assessment process together we can then discuss the findings and make a plan for your treatment sessions. 


Treatment Options

Following your assessment there will be one of two options for you to carry out your treatment:

  • Continue to have individual sessions in your own home focusing on the areas highlighted in the assessment and functional tasks e.g. getting in and out of bed/car or taking your dog for a walk  or
  • If suitable and in the early stages of Parkinson’s you may be offered a place in the PD Power Classes