Recent Testimonials

” Just finishing my second 6 week session and I feel fitter and my posture is better – bring on the next session”  Andy

“People who join the course will do better than those who don’t!”  David

“I’m a cynical old sod – but I’ve loved it, even on days when I’ve lacked motivation.  Structured exercise is SO important for PD”  Andy

“The PD Power course is giving me a greater ability to fight the onset of PD”.  Clive

“Annie is a caring and compassionate practitioner who shows you how to help yourself combat Parkinson’s in a practical way using exercise.  I am so glad my nurse put me in touch with her”.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Annie’s classes – she makes them fun and even though they are hard at times she never pushes you too hard!”

“The sessions on balance and posture were a real eye opener for me”.

“It really helps with general fitness, suppleness, & to meet other people in the same situation as you”