People with Parkinson’s

Initial Assessment    


  • 1 hour: £75  

An assessment is needed for insurance purposes before any treatment sessions or classes.  It will also help you get the most out of your physiotherapy.

Your initial assessment will be offered in your own home.  The assessment will last about an hour, during which we will discuss your needs,  assess your capabilities and discuss what you aim to get from physiotherapy. During the assessment we will:

  • discuss your full medical history and medications
  • discuss what you aim to get from the physiotherapy sessions
  • discuss your main problems
  • look in detail at your movement focusing on specific areas such as balance, posture, walking and weakness. 

Having gone through this assessment process together we can then discuss the findings and make a plan for your treatment sessions.  Treatment sessions are costed separately.

Treatment Options  

Follow Up Treatment in your own home

  • From our initial assessment we will have discussed suitable length and number of treatment sessions needed
  • Each follow up session is tailored to your individual needs


  • 45 minutes :  £60  
  • 30 minutes:  £40 

PD Warrior Program

All costs as above for initial assessment and follow up / introductory sessions.  

It is recommended that you have an initial assessment plus 2-3 introductory/follow-up sessions for the programme and a review at 12 weeks.  

10 week PD Warrior Class costs £120 

PD Power Package 

  • initial assessment 
  • one hour follow up session
  • 6 PD Power Classes

Cost*:  £200

It is necessary to have two individual sessions prior to attending the classes to be able to get the most out of them (see What is PDPower?  for more info).

Amersham and High Wycombe Branch of Parkinson’s UK will offer a subsidised price for the PD Package if you live within their catchment (Postcodes HP5 – HP16, SL7 & SL8)  For more information

PD Power  Classes

  • Classes are an hour long
  • Specially designed for people with Parkinson’s 
  • Circuit based class to enable you to go at your own personal pace.


  • 6 week block:   £72

Please note: to secure your place in a particular class you must sign up to a 6 week block and pay in advance .  No refunds will be given . 

Parkinson’s Reviews

Regular reviews are recommended to keep you on track with your goals . You can find about Review Packages here. 

 Payment Accepted

  • Cash
  • Cheque (payable to A. Rainbow)   
  • BACS Transfer – please ask for details.

*All prices include documentation, any equipment provided and travel (within a 10 mile radius of Wendover or up to £5 surcharge  if out of area).