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Virtual Therapy – should I have a reveiw?

Due to Covid-19 we have decided to provide some therapy virtually via FaceTime or Zoom

Why may I need a virtual consultation?

  • to discuss new symptoms and possible treatment options
  • to progress existing exercises
  • to address certain difficulties that you are facing at present and set up exercises virtually.
  • to reveiw your current situation
  • to go through specific exercises that you find hard
  • to focus on specific areas like balance or pain.

Virtual consultation via Facetime or Zoom £25 for 30 minutes, £50 for one hour.

We have been successfully delivering virtual 1:1 sessions for 8 weeks now with some clients. The feedback is that although not the same as a face to face session it has helped sort problems before they escalate

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Due to Covid-19 normal face-to-face therapy had been suspended.  However, due to advice taken from the CSP physiotherapists are now able to risk assess individual cases and decide if face-to-face contact is essential to the wellbeing of the client.  If this is the case then Personal Protective Equipment gloves, apron , facemask and if appropriate a visor) will be worn throughout the session.

Please contact me if you feel a face-to-face assessment is needed.

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In October, we set a 10 day exercise challenge for our team members to encourage and motivate more regular exercise.  The uptake was fantastic with challenges ranging from walking 10 minutes outdoors each day to 100 minutes of exercise each day to mini triathlon (swimming, table tennis, walking, running, cycling) being carried out over the 10 days.  We were so impressed. But to top it all the team have raised nearly £5,000 for exercise provision in our area supported by the local ParkinsonsUK Amersham and High  Wycombe Branch who very kindly support our PDPower classes.  A huge thank you and congratulations to all who took part.

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Cramping feet?

A few people have been suffering with cramping feet/toes so I thought I would look into it a bit more.  I found some useful advice that a few people in the classes have tried with good effect so I thought I would share the information.

To counter balance the clawing cramping in feet and toes you need to stretch them out.  You can do this by using silicone toe separators – there are many types so look at reviews and see what you think – here is an example

The people I know who have had good success in under one week have used them for 20 minutes to one hour prior to going to bed and have relieved there night cramps considerably.  Let me know if you try them so I can report back to people with your result.

Also think about your foot wear – our feet need space in our shoes for our toes to spread rather than be cramped inside narrow fitting shoes – so check out your shoes and see if you might be more comfortable in a wider, more spacious shoe or go barefoot in the house.  This podcast is worth a listen to understand how important our feet are to us

Good luck and keep me posted